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Why So Few Women in Engineering?

Why So Few Women in Engineering? Change the Story! – A Presentation by Debra Kimberling

Why So Few? is a presentation based partly on the 2010 AAUW report ‘Why So Few? Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics’ (see the SWE Magazine review by Debra and coauthor) but also includes other research as well as her own insight as a woman engineer for over 30 years in academia, government, and industry.  It provides a historical perspective of the achievements women have made, identifies how early career decisions are influenced, the impacts of common stereotypes and societal bias on views of success, and tips on how to fortify and build a culture of respect for both boys and girls in STEM.

The presentation aims to use the latest research available, presented in a way that is both entertaining and educational, to help parents, educators, and others who can influence career choices, understand the issues and change the message they send to young women in relation to STEM careers.

Debra Kimberling first gave this presentation to over 120 parents at the University of San Diego and has since given it many more times to parent-educator programs, student and professional groups at schools, universities, companies, and professional meetings and conferences.  The length and emphasis of the Why So Few? presentation can be tailored for different groups. Here is a list of Debra’s speaking engagements, her biography, and a few abstracts that have been used.


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