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Workplace Feedback

As part of preparing for the “Why So Few?” presentation at the SWE National Conference , I gave the presentation twice at work on Oct 5th & 6th through the employee affinity groups.  After the 60 minute session, I asked for essay style feedback.  This is what they said:

  • I wanted to hear the research and figure out ways I can improve the work environment. 
  • The bias group activity was very powerful.
  • The research and awareness of biases allows me to be better prepared in addressing workplace conversations.
  • More people need to become aware of the workplace biases and how institutions and individuals can take steps to reduce and remove them.
  • I will look to be more of a mentor for new women engineers.
  • I am more aware of the factors that can improve the working environment – environmental factors – that contribute to a woman’s sense of inclusion and satisfaction
  • I will push for more teamwork recognition – a value that is essential to a woman’s satisfaction and part of our values in action – yet may not be as widespread in the work place as it could be.
  • I like the part on likability vs competance.
  • I will acknowledge the importance of listening and applauding the work done to stay likable.
  • I appreciated the emphasis on having clubs and affinity groups to help women have a better sense of fit and acceptance
  • While this presentation is primarily for recruiters and managers, it made me more aware of my interactions with others. I will be more careful with how I talk with and interact with people and how I describe them.
  • I learned that most women are harder on themselves when competing against men. I thought it was just me!
  • I recommend this presentation because while the topics covered seemed like common sense, people generally don’t take the time to think about them directly.
  • I wanted up to date information on why there are so few women engineers.
  • I have a better awareness of the challenges women face in the workforce and feel better prepared how to handle them.
  • The presentation was full of data-based research on the reasons why engineering careers have not been popular with women
  • I really liked the research behind how parents portray engineering to their daughters and the mindset message
  • I think it is sad we have to try this hard to get females involved in STEM. Society is largely responsible for the situation more than anything else. What we can do is weak compared to mass media. Despite these facts, I think the research and effort in this area is needed. Hopefully, one day we will not need to ask “why so few?”
  • When coaching my children, I will use the material about steretotypes and growth mindset.
  • I will actively practice the important message of growth learning (vs static learners)
  • I really enjoyed the topic of growing knowledge and positive reinforcement that goals can be achievied
  • Appreciated the whole aspect of the growth model – rather than just being born with a set amount of intelligence.
  • My daughter wants to study engineering and am looking for female engineering mentors. I will use the material to foster STEM careers with girls I interact with.