Advancing the Image of Engineering One Audience at a Time


Unwritten Rules for Career Success Handout  Nashville 2015

Books & Media on Gender Based Social Conditioning & Persistence

Workplace Gender Research Study

Help support academic workplace gender research. Both women and men working in Information Technology  (IT), Computer Sciences (CS), or Life Sciences within a Science or Technology company are needed to complete a brief confidential interview by UCSD Sociology PhD candidate Jon Shafran.

San Diego STEM Alliance

The San Diego STEM Alliance is a list serve to enhance the communications needs of the San Diego STEM Societies. For more information.

Inspired by people you meet at Conference?

The SWE Magazine can use your help. We are looking for 8 individuals – 4 Collegiate & 4 Professionals – to be paired up to meet other aspiring, enthusiastic engineers like yourself who are willing to have a quick “Coffee Table Conversation” at the #WE14 National Conference about school, career, and life AND write up their experience to have it published in the SWE Magazine.  For more information, contact or go to SWE Magazine – Coffee Table Conversations

Have you ever faced a work place issue you didn’t know how to handle?

What was it? The Organizational Ombudsman (OO) may be just the resource you need(ed). Come learn what an OO is, how they help, and where they fit in your company. Everyone deserves an expert who can coach them in a confidential and neutral manner to help navigate those tough workplace hurdles. Attend the #WE12 Conference Session “Building A Better Workplace Through the Organizational Ombuds” – Thursday 10am November 8, 2012.


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