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Organizational Ombudsman

Ever had to face a workplace issue you didn’t know how to handle?  The Organizational Ombudsman (OO) may be just the resource you need(ed).

Next week I will introduce the legal expert in the field of OO, Charles Howard, during the SWE 2012 National Conference session “Building A Better Workplace Through the Organizational Ombuds”.  If you will be in Houston Texas, I encourage you to come learn what an OO is, how they help, and where they fit in your company. Everyone deserves an expert who can coach them in a confidential and neutral manner to help navigate those tough workplace hurdles. The one hour session will be  Thursday, November 8, 2012, 10am.  Here are the presentation materials. To help us prepare, provide us with some of your toughest workplace issues you have faced by Taking this anonymous survey – results will be presented during the conference.